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By Ishy Levy

a year ago
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Tutors today are in high demand. Even before we found ourselves confined to our bedrooms and laptop screens amidst these strange times, there was never a shortage of parents in need of fun and involving ways to improve their kids’ learning. Now that need is greater than ever. But it’s also harder than ever for tutors to reach out to an audience. The world of online learning is a big place, and over these last few months (in fact, make that a year) it’s become so saturated that as a tutor it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or at a loss. And that’s speaking from experience. This, however, is where One2Ones enters the scene.

The goal of the One2Ones is to make that vast world of online learning a whole lot easier to navigate – for tutors as well as parents. It promises to be a big departure from the normal rigmarole of trying to drum up interest as a tutor, with no real way of knowing how and where the most suitable tutees can be found.

Over the next few hundred words or so I’d like to share my experiences and thoughts as an online tutor during the time of Covid, and offer a brief but hopefully illuminating insight into the many perks that One2Ones has to offer. It will only be a quick ride, but it shouldn’t take much to prove that the convenience and flexibility of a service like One2Ones are an enormous help to aspiring tutors anywhere.

So let’s begin. Intimidating as online learning may at first seem, its key benefits are as good a place to start as any. The pandemic has gone a long way towards normalising the online lesson format – screen-to-screen, rather than face-to-face – and this can come with a host of advantages for tutors. Compared to in-person classes, some of the most obvious benefits of online classes are:


It’s all about you.

Physical classes can be tough to organise and even tougher to manage when it comes to working them into your day-to-day schedule. For every hour spent tutoring, you could find yourself spending just as much time travelling to your tutees or waiting for them to come to you. All this amounts to extra headache which can detract from the rewards of actually giving a class. The beauty of online classes, however, is that what you plan is what you get. There are fewer demands and difficulties with online teaching: there’s nothing else to factor into your timetable other than the scheduled lessons.

Preparation is ten times easier.

Any tutor knows that the hassle of planning and organising the contents of a class – not just working out how to fit it into their week – is not to be underestimated. In a face-to-face format, this difficult task becomes a daunting one. This is especially for those language and maths-based classes, where a tutee’s understanding of a topic can depend on key exercises and ideas. The onus is always on the tutor to have the right material prepared, printed, and organised, and maintaining this balancing-act with several different tutees is as tough as it sounds. Getting organised for online classes, however, is a much more painless process.

The interactive element.

This is particularly applicable to classes which focus on essay-writing skills. The ability for a tutor to share their screen or a document with the other participants in a class allows the normally tedious process of notetaking to become an involving and interactive component of a class. Tutors can allow their tutees to take the lead in online classes, asking them to draw out and argue key points in a set text and responding their ideas, in a manner which the spontaneity of online classes is particularly suited for.

There are others, but these are some of the main reasons that online classes are attractive prospects for tutors. The pros are balanced by cons, however. The fidliness of most mainstream online platforms can cause problems for even the most carefully planned online class (again, speaking from experience).

What’s more, outreaching to the parents of potential tutees was still hardly an easy process. As I said, there is a huge demand amongst parents for fun and interesting online classes. But over lockdown I and many other tutors struggled to find an easy and reliable way of offering up our services to those who were interested.

The brilliance of One2Ones is that it maximises the benefits that come from hosting online class but cuts out any possible drawbacks. The simple, intuitive interface means that every online class can be tailored to the specific needs of both tutor and tutee. No matter which subject you have chosen to teach, One2Ones’ website and platform is geared towards providing total over the format of each online class. Set-up and preparation take no time at all, and the classes themselves are more fun and more rewarding than the standard in-person variety, or online tutorials hosted on less specialised platforms.

This is in part due to the streamlined presentation: all the information and material a tutor needs in advance of a class can be found, neatly organised, in one place. Keeping abreast of your weekly schedule – something which I always found a little difficult, even when working online – is also a breeze: classes are automatically listed and arranged into a timetable which can be easily edited. .

The final thing to be said about One2Ones is the community feel it establishes. Tutors are always encouraged to reach out to other tutors, which is a great way to further their own skills, get advice and experience, and simply make new friends. There’s also no need to spend time and energy searching for interest: parents and potential tutees are put in directly touch with each tutor. More than a tutoring service, One2Ones is a means of discovering new opportunities to help others and enjoy the rewards for your hard work. After everything that the pandemic has put us through, this is something which we all deserve.

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