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Coming to a Business Near You! How One2Ones is Leading the Way with Flexible Employee Benefits


By Ishy Levy

4 days ago
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Businesses across the world are waking up to the importance of attracting employees with flexible and adaptable work plans. This is more than just a way of maximising appeal for those seeking employment – it’s also crucial to retaining current employees and incentivising them to stay on. And as businesses become increasingly alive to this, so too do prospective applicants: the increase in demand for flexible or part-time working hours has risen so dramatically that CIPD labelled it a “Megatrend” in one of their most recent reports, recording an almost sixfold increase in the proportion UK employees working flexible hours between the mid 1950s and 2016 (4% to just over 25%).

Factor in the pandemic, and the necessity of incorporating flexible working policies and environments (online platforms have almost completely supplanted the office-based work cultures of some major conglomerates like Honeywell) becomes even more stark. But this needn’t be a sticking-point that businesses should have to reluctantly negotiate their way around. Instead, it’s an exciting and dynamic motivator for change: a way to offer new, adaptable perks to current and future employees by incorporating some of the best lessons that recent years and events have taught us. With parents across the country working from home more than they used to, the opportunities to appeal to as wide a range of interests as possible have never been greater.

It is for this reason that One2Ones’ model approaches tutoring from both angles. To begin, the health and wellbeing of our tutees is (and always has been) of paramount importance. Taking inspiration from the aspects of online communication platforms that have made them so popular and successful, we have curated courses to be fun, interactive, and informative for kids and pupils of all ages. Our system allows for direct communication between tutors, parents, and tutees, and recently-launched programmes like our “Well-Being Positivity Club” were created specifically to tackle the stresses and difficulties of being a young learner in today’s world.

However, we also aspire to support businesses and working parents by utilising the flexibility of our online format as fully as possible. Recent changes to in-person schooling have endangered the work-life balances of parents up and down the country: the ONS reports that the fresh challenge of reconciling childcare duties with working from home saw more parents (women especially) fitting their work around childcare obligations rather than the other way round.

Whilst this was in many respects beneficial, this meant that recent years saw a sharp decline in recreational childcare activities in many homes and required working parents (again, this was found to affect women more than men) to work more unsociable and inflexible hours with less control.

And so we find that working parents have faced a brand-new set of difficulties over the last few years: maintaining a work-life balance that allows them to embrace the joys and difficulties of childcare without compromising their hard-earned and demanding position in the (now-virtual) workplace. It’s no surprise, then, that job-seeking platforms like LinkedIn have recorded an almost 83% increase in posts and positions listing “flexibility” as a key selling-point.

Time and location flexibility have evolved into two of the most important factors in keeping employees satisfied – outweighing even other benefits like compensation, benefits, and work culture (although in the ideal working space, which is what we are trying to cultivate at One2Ones, all these should exist together in tandem). It stands to reason, then, that working parents will be more likely to climb the career ladder in their existing jobs, or demonstrate commitment to new ones, if businesses are ticking these boxes. Catering to these demands is therefore a win-win, particularly in the world of online teaching.

At One2Ones we are keenly aware of this, we have been working hard to develop the features of our platform that will make it easier and more appealing for businesses with these priorities to work with us. Keeping our online system streamlined allows for flexibility of use and access, but we have been equally careful in ensuring that this is maintained when it comes to managing budgets, working hours, and internal management. As we help children bridge the learning gap formed over the last few years – and fulfil the academic needs that parents and schoolteachers may have struggled to cater to from home – we can also offer businesses new opportunities to refine their work culture and establish a healthy, manageable, balance between career and home life for working parents.

One of the many ways that One2Ones can achieve this is by creating fully branded business profiles tailored to the demands of those who choose to work with us: these can function as the official face of your business on One2Ones, allowing free and flexible interactions via our platform within a secure online environment. We can also help businesses offer incentives to employees that speak directly to working parents, offering both parents and tutees opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to them. With us, companies can sign up and provide benefits by means of our “gift cards” to employees. Our gift cards are targeted incentives that can be both used and issued with flexibility: businesses can issue these as one-off incentives at their discretion or incorporate them into a monthly system, managing a budget with us that allows for a repeated issue at chosen intervals, with the ability to pull up and review weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports. We can even provide further support by allowing businesses to offer our relevant courses and classes to employees, furthering the reach of their company profile and promoting their business at the same time.

The final thing to note is that our system was designed to support business and companies of all sizes. Large corporations working with us will have the capacity to manage their “teams” by securely uploading and managing their employee data in .csv format.

This has been a brief exploration of the many perks that One2Ones has to offer businesses both large and small in these dynamic times: all that remains to be said is that we can’t wait to collaborate with you and help create a fresh, exciting future for employees and working parents all over the UK, together.



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