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By Ishy Levy

8 months ago
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If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll already be familiar with the many reasons that One2Ones is an ideal online learning platform for kids, and a great source of insight and encouragement for their parents. But what about the tutors? Getting to grips with any new site or platform can pose challenges, and newcomers could be concerned that this will have an impact on their potential earnings. But not to fear: here’s some handy advice on how you can stay ahead of the curve as a tutor on One2Ones and use its features to maximise your income and outreach to new learners.

We all get into tutoring for different reasons. To some it may be an extra opportunity to hone teaching skills, to others a chance to embrace the advantages of the online classroom by making lessons and classes more accessible. But as a community, we all take pride in our work and its rewards. That’s why it can be frustrating to feel as though the earnings don’t always seem to reflect the time, effort, and dedication that we put into our classes.

In the world of in-person teaching this can be a tough problem to overcome – client lists will take a long time to build up when you’re relying primarily on word of mouth and non-specialised platforms (Facebook etc.) to get your message out into the world.

The gift of One2Ones, however, is that there’s always a way to bolster your earnings from classes and find new students who are eager to join them. Make the most of this, and incorporate some time-tested ways of staying flexible and easy to reach as a tutor, and you’ll be sure to see your income grow as you gain experience.

It’s important to be patient, though: nothing happens overnight. With that said, here are some of the key ways that One2Ones enables its tutors to maximise their potential, and a word or two of advice on how you can make its platform work for you.


First and foremost, keep track of the stats!

Tutoring is a lot more than a numbers game – even if you’re using numbers-games to teach maths classes. Our main focus is always our tutees, and sometimes this makes it easy to lose sight of the facts and figures that have a direct impact on our earnings.

If you don’t have a sure-fire way of recording your weekly hours spent teaching, as well as a tally of the amount you charge for your services to each tutee (which, to complicate matters, will vary depending on whether you teach different subjects to different learners), then keeping track of your income can quickly become an impossible task.

With One2Ones, this entire (and admittedly slightly boring!) process is done for you. Each tutor gets their own unique “profile” page, from which they can contact tutees, host and organise classes, edit their monthly schedule, and view a useful breakdown of their teaching hours and income.

All of this gets updated automatically as you teach, so there’s no need to spend ages carefully recording these statistics for yourself. Instead, they’re readily-compiled for your benefit: keeping a watchful eye on these figures will allow you to work out where the bulk of your earnings are coming from and what could be improved, and weigh up your hours spent in a virtual classroom against the hours spent working outside one – marking tutees’ work, organising games and material for classes and so forth.

Tailor your classes to your benefit.

As a tutor, I find that it’s always beneficial to avoid taking any aspect of my classes for granted. Rather than sticking to a set of rules to create what I thought the typical online classroom should be like, I structured my classes around what worked best for me.

For example, to avoid the familiar question-and-answer routine which can slow a class down and prevent it from being memorable, I incorporated time for open discussion into each lesson, and let tutees take the lead by getting them to respond to topics, ideas, and arguments which required them to form their own conclusions.

Obviously this kind of approach works better for some subjects than others, but it’s always useful to stay creative when it comes to formatting classes: there’s no need to stick with something just because it feels like the standard.

With One2Ones, organising lessons to your benefit can also be rewarding financially. Because our “classrooms” can host multiple “students,” there’s a huge amount of freedom when it comes to getting tutees involved. Tutors hosting classes on our site will quickly find that they can teach the relevant material to groups of tutees at a time; facilitating discussion and maximising the amount that gets covered in each session.

Rather than repeating the same material 3 times over the course of a week, for example, tutors can schedule larger classes with groups of learners for this purpose and then divide the rest of their time into smaller classes to keep track of individual tutees’ progress.

These are simply suggestions, of course, but keep in mind that with One2Ones a grouped lesson with 10 tutees will pay as much as a series of 10 classes with each of them individually. So make sure to manage your time wisely, and the benefits will speak for themselves!

A few final things to consider: One2Ones attracts learners from all over the world, so always keep a few slots open to times that are easier for internationals – and try to stay flexible! If a tutee can’t make a session, or misses one accidentally (it happens to the best of us) try to make up for that lost time elsewhere. It’s always worth giving yourself the space to make a few last-minute changes when organising a schedule.


Last but not least, this is an essential hurdle for all tutors. It can be difficult for newcomers and experienced tutors alike to know where they should price themselves, especially when they’re providing different services to different tutees. Once again, this is never a problem with One2Ones.

We’ve worked hard to establish a warm community of like-minded tutors with a range of experience. This means that helpful guidance and advice is never far away, and questions are always welcome. All that remains is to get involved, stay open to feedback, and be sure to have fun!

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