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Brightening our Children’s future with One2Ones


By Ishy Levy

10 months ago

In these demanding times, it’s no surprise that most parents are giving serious thought to what their kids’ futures might look like. What kind of skills will get them ahead in the world of tomorrow? What kind of lessons should we be teaching them? And how can we make sure that this all stays fun? Here’s a brief look into some of these questions, and (hopefully) a word or two of insight.

What constitutes a life skill?

This sounds like an easy enough question to answer. Surely a life skill is anything which, once learnt, proves beneficial time and time again – no matter how old or young you happen to be.

In practice, however, it can be harder than we might think to isolate those “life skills” which are best learnt as early as possible. At first glance, the skills which a surgeon has to rely on to get through the day look very different to those which are required of, say, a primary school student – or at least we’d hope so! As we get older, our skillsets start to become more focussed and specific depending on our careers and environment. Filling out a tax form may not come naturally to university undergraduates, for example, and writing tutorial essays won’t come naturally to a pupil taking a GCSE Maths exam.

The point to be made from these examples is that traditional “life skills,” such as:
  • Time management
  • Being good with numbers
  • Knowing how to work effectively in a team

Being able to present your thoughts and ideas to other have to be applied in different ways depending on the scenario in which they can prove useful. So when it comes to working out which skills are best to teach to our kids, it can be helpful to think of them as umbrella categories. Starting from a specific example and setting rigid goals (“I want my kid to master fractions by the end of the week”) can therefore sometimes be counterproductive.

Instead, where possible, it can be better to think of the ideas which you want your kid to be introduced to over the course of his or her learning. If this sounds like a daunting task, don’t worry: One2Ones is great for this! The courses which our platform offers are presented in a way which will seem fun and familiar to kids, but are tailored to ensure that new and exciting ideas are introduced step-by-step as their learning progresses.

Ultimately, broadening your kids’ horizons rather than focussing them onto one subject will be more likely to positively impact their futures. The reason for this is that they can pick up on a wider set of skills which can grow and evolve with them. Our jobs as parents, carers, and teachers is to facilitate this.

Keep it interesting!

However, in the world of the internet it can be easy to forget that breadth of knowledge should not be prioritised over depth . Each exploration of a subject should feel productive and informative: ideally every lesson should conclude with something concrete and useful which can be brought into the next!

Taking things slowly is often the key to making sure that kids can stay engaged without becoming overwhelmed. Revising the material covered in old classes makes a firm foundation for future ones – so long as revision doesn’t just mean rote-learning or repetitive exercises which make the process dull and uninteresting.

Again, this is where One2Ones excels. The online format means that interactivity is guaranteed: our tutors can freely incorporate games, quizzes, and online presentations into their classes. This means that revision never feels like a stale activity – it becomes a vital, enjoyable step towards a deeper understanding of a topic.

New ideas should be introduced in a way that feels fun and accessible as well. Making sure that your kid’s voice gets heard is essential here: there’s no such thing as an irrelevant question! In fact, encouraging kids to share their thoughts and notes is a great way to keep them engaged whilst also building up courage and presentation skills.

Taking the next step

Ultimately, how kids use their time outside the classroom – virtual or otherwise – is as important as the time they spend participating in one. Simply setting homework or extra-curricular assignments isn’t always the best way to reinforce the skills which tutors look to cultivate.

Schools don’t always offer their students the chance to stay in contact with teachers outside of lesson-time, and many kids wouldn’t want to use this opportunity even if they could. Virtual learning, however, is better-suited to this than in-person learning. Communication with online tutors is easy – especially through our platform’s easy and intuitive website – and takes the pressure off individual classes. Tutees can spend as much time as they want benefitting from the knowledge of their tutors outside classes, and so are freer to engage with a subject on their own terms.

The spirit of enquiry can seem like a hard thing to teach, but One2Ones’tutors look to foster it in all of their pupils by encouraging them to form their own ideas. It is this freedom which allows those elusive “life skills,” which will serve kids in different ways throughout their education and beyond, to develop and shine. There’s no requirement for a kids’ learning to have a specific end goal – instead, it’s up to us to make sure they get the best possible opportunities to explore what interests them.

Get stuck in!

Whatever your kids’ passions and hobbies might be, One2Ones has something for everyone. The flexibility of our classes allows for the growth and refinement of any number of beneficial skills: from numeracy to literature to the sorts of things which aren’t worked into the standard school curriculum. It’s simply a question of picking where to start: starting small should never stop anyone from thinking big!

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