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By Ishy Levy

3 months ago
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Drumming up business can be a tough … well, business. The benefits of tutoring are endless (flexibility, independence, and creative control, to name a few) but it can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, especially if you are just starting out in your tutoring career. Though it may come as a surprise, the issue rarely stems from a lack of demand. Now more than ever there’s abundance of parents and students seeking extra tuition. Any tutor experiencing slow traction is likely facing two key problems: difficulty connecting to interested tutees, and getting across your services in a way that communicates their true value. The solution is at your fingertips with One2Ones’ specialised platform, and you’ve hopefully discovered for yourself that our innovative interface streamlines the process of advertising any type of lesson.

To help our tutoring community, we’ve compiled a few tips on how to make the most of the One2One’s platform, and a few extra tricks based on the experience of real tutors.


More than just an extension of school

Tutoring is so much more than a chance to rehash or revisit content learnt at school. Rather than just revision classes, our classes tailored workshops that broaden skill-sets, introduce new ways of problem-solving and encourage creativity. To that end, classes on One2Ones should never be lumped together under the same category. One way to do this is through a feature on One2One’s that allows tutors to create titles for their classes. These titles are a brilliant opportunity to express to parents and students why a class fulfils a specific niche they might be looking for.

Rather than ‘Maths Tuition’, why not try labelling a class something more creative, such as ‘Counting with Pasta’? The former might appear too generic and falls short on communicating the full extent of what a tutor has to offer. By contrast, the latter works to clearly distinguish itself from traditional maths lessons and attracts parents seeking more dynamic styles of teaching aimed at younger children who are usually more responsive to physical learning aids.
‘Jamaican Cooking Classes, with a Hint of Spice’ is another example of an energetic title which provides insight into what the class entails. It signposts to browsing parties that this is a class that not only teaches children to cook, but also introduces them to a new cuisine and encourages them to expand their flavour palate.

Structured courses

It is easy to fall into the trap of improvising classes. But this can often lead to a disjointed mass of lessons that can cause a student to struggle to understand the aims and results of their learning. This can be quite a dampener on engagement. The good news is that tutors can easily combat this issue by preparing in advance. By constructing a cohesive set of lessons which build on one another, tutors can signal clear goals to parents and students that incentivise long-term commitment to the classes. Small improvements to lesson planning can make a very big difference. For example, taking the time to create a series of worksheets or a set of useful visual aids beforehand can add an unparalleled professional touch. Websites like are a neat resource to keep on hand for tutors looking to collate a bank of images to help with lesson – and they’re free!

Building up a bank of reviews

Becoming a trusted and valued member of the One2Ones community is core to a fruitful tutoring career. In particular with online classes, parents and students often feel as if they are taking a gamble with both their time and money when taking on a new tutor or exploring a new subject. Perhaps you offer exactly what they require, but the uncertainty means that a little push might be required to make new clients take that leap of faith. Ensuring that you make full use of the review feature on the One2Ones platform is the best method to overcome this hurdle. Tutors should always encourage previous and existing clients to leave honest testimonies regarding their experience with your classes. In-depth reviews are always better: they give detailed accounts from reliable sources who have experienced your teaching. This provides clear evidence to prospective tutees of firstly the quality of your service and secondly your teaching style. The more parents and tutors know about you, the more comfortable they’ll be, as well as keener to sign up to your classes!

How much to charge?

As a freelance tutor, knowing the appropriate price to charge and when to change it can feel like a difficult task. With a quick google search, one can find tutors charging anywhere from £17 to £75 and upwards from there. With One2Ones, not only are there guidelines in place to help you decide which price band suits you best, but having a friendly online community of tutors also means that it’s always easy to gauge the going rate in any given field.

Experience, level, and niche are the most important factors in pricing classes to a number that both appeals to potential students and reflects the quality of tuition you offer. Starting rates will depend firstly on how long you have been in the tutoring business and your highest level of qualification in the subject to be taught. This rate is by no means fixed, however, and there’ll always be an opportunity around the corner to advance one’s tutoring career. As you hit milestones in terms of the number of hours and students tutored, the increased experience, er-calibre teaching, and greater familiarity with the topic will warrant a hike in prices. Given that cost is an accurate reflection of the service provided, parents and students will be more than happy to accommodate your rates.

Regardless of how niche your subject, or how slow business may appear to be, you’ll find that One2Ones is a great way to get your tutoring career launched and fast-tracked. So get stuck in, and you’ll be reaping the rewards in no time!

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